Overwhelmed? Looking for more? Here's a list of moon cycle resources for you.

We got you when it comes to resources! That’s what we’re all about here at It’s All Cycles. While your own internal cues and intuition are likely your very best resource, we just wanted to provide a list of places to start as you’re learning about all the cycles, because it's pretty mind-bending information that can feel overwhelming at times. This is by no means an all inclusive list, but these are brands, products, books, and people who have inspired us along the way. Feel free to reach out with anything that has inspired you, and we'll be happy to update the list!

Astrology/Moon cycle resources

First of all, if you haven't mapped out your natal chart, do that! You can go to: www.cafeastrology.com or www.astro.com - all you need is your birth time & place

Sarah Vrba: @sarahvbra, https://www.sarahtarot.com/ (her youtube channel is always spot on; she does regular moon magic astrology readings! highly recommend)

Jessica Lanyadoo: @jessica_lanyadoo, http://www.lovelanyadoo.com/

Chani Nicholas: @chaninicholas, https://chaninicholas.com/

Aliza Kelly: @alizakelly, http://alizakelly.com/

Danielle Paige: @iamdaniellepaig, http://www.healingpaige.com

Mecca Woods: @1meccanism, https://www.mylifecreated.com/

Other instagram accounts: @indigogoddess, @spiritdaughter, @risingwoman, @costarastrology, @astrologystuff, @astromemequeen, @lealilyyy

Books: The Stars Within You by Juliana McCarthy, The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk, The Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers, Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller, Planets in Transit by Robert Hand, The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology by April Elliott Kent, Sextrology: The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes by Quinn Cox and Stella Starsky

Podcasts: Ghost of a Podcast, What’s Your Sign?, Stars Like Us

Apps: Co-Star Astrology, Time Passages

Menstrual Cycle resources

Dr. Jolene Brighten: @drjolenebrighten, https://drbrighten.com/blog/

Alisa Vitti: @floliving, https://www.floliving.com/

Dr. Lara Briden: @larabriden, https://www.larabriden.com/

Dr. Christiane Northrup: @drchristianenorthrup, https://www.drnorthrup.com/

Nicole Jardim: @nicolemjardim, https://nicolejardim.com/

Clara Bitcon: @clarabitcon, https://www.mediatrixwellness.com.au/

Other instagram accounts/nutrition resources: @naturalfitfoodie, @innaterhythm_, @because.everybody.eats, @movingwiththemoon, @mooncyclebakery

Books: Woman Code by Alisa Vitti, Beyond the Pill by Dr. Jolene Brighten, The Period Repair Manual by Dr. Lara Briden, Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom by Dr. Christiane Northrup, Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler, The Hormone Cure by Dr. Sara Gottfried, Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life by Dr. Claudia Welch

Apps: MyFlo, Natural Cycles

Menstrual products that can help you have a more environmentally-conscious, body positive period experience:

Thinx (period-proof underwear): https://www.shethinx.com/

Sustain (organic feminine care products): https://www.sustainnatural.com/

Lola (organic feminine care products): https://www.mylola.com/

DivaCup (menstrual cup): https://divacup.com/

Moon cup (menstrual cup): http://mooncup.com/

Flex (menstrual disc): https://flexfits.com/

Daysy (fertility tracker): https://usa.daysy.me/

And of course..... us! The It's All Cycles yearly planner can help you track your cycle, the moon cycle, your experiences, and so much more. See our shop for more info!

Hope this is helpful! <3

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