Inspired by the moon, the earth, the womb, and the divine feminine, we create a moon cycle planner for those seeking to align their daily lives with the internal cycles of the female body and the external cycles of the natural world. Our planner is a tangible resource that can be used everyday to help strengthen self-awareness and intuition. It offers space to organize daily responsibilities, to track your menstrual cycle alongside the moon phase, to set intentions, and to reflect on the astrological transits, hormone health shifts, and internal growth that occurs throughout the year.

You are a magical, powerful, cyclical being in this great big universe


Your menstrual cycle is a sacred process that offers many gifts,

We are here to remind you of that as we move through 2020 together.



Looking for seed cycling resources? The Seed Cycling Shop by Living Food Alchemy offers handmade seed cycling treats, including truffles and granola, that contain the daily recommended amount of specific seeds for this powerful yet gentle food-as-medicine practice. Their mission is to make seed cycling accessible, easy, and delicious for women seeking hormone harmony.


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